Renault Twizy offers a unique and eco-friendly solution for urban transportation, ideal for short trips and city driving while contributing to reduced emissions and congestion in urban areas. Its distinctive design and compact dimensions make it an eye-catching and practical choice for those seeking an unconventional and efficient urban mobility option.​​​​​​​

To get around the city differently, the solution is called Renault Twizy! With 1 or 2 people, this electric quadricycle is ideal for urban mobility.
Engine & Autonomy
The Twizy is built with a 17 hp / 57 Nm engine with a maximum speed of 80 km/h. With a range of 100 km, the Twizy is able to cover any urban journey to get around town without restriction.
Parking & Recharge
With its small size (2.34 m long, 1.23 m wide), the Twizy is very easy to park: a normal parking space can accommodate three Twizys! And its doors open like a Lamborghini making it possible to adapt to all situations, even the tightest ones.

The Renault TWIZY is very easy to recharge because it plugs into any household socket that complies with current standards. Its battery regains a full level in only 3h30 and it is possible to follow the evolution of the battery charge on the on-board computer. Recharging is therefore carried out at home or on a public charging station, old or new generation.
We live better in the city when we feel safe and the Twizy offers all the guarantees for that. Its tubular chassis developed by Renault Sport protects its passengers from shocks, and its 4 disc brakes offer real active safety. Passive safety is also on the agenda with a 4-point seat belt and a driver airbag. The Twizy also offers a reverse radar to facilitate parking maneuvers.
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